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As a life-long learner, it is my duty to lead my students by serving them first. It’s through this servant-leadership that I’d like to break-down subject-matter that may be hard to digest but will allow my students to participate in complex ways of thinking.

Trina Nycol Brown's Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Experience

Brightwood College

Lead Adjunct Paralegal Professor | General Education Adjunct Instructor

*Named Instructor of the Quarter in 2017

  • American Bar Association Approved Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies Program
  • American Bar Association Approved Paralegal Certificate Program

Teaching (or Taught)

Bioethics | Ethics | Sociology | Psychology | Health Care Legal Issues | Written & Oral Communication | Interpersonal Communication | Human Resources | Contract Law | Tort Law | Family Law | Civil Litigation | Criminal Law | Intellectual Property | Employment Law | Legal Terminology | Legal Research | Legal Writing | Legal Technology | Legal Ethics | Basic Mediation | Family Mediation | Workplace Mediation | 

Conflict Resolution | Career Strategies | Software Applications |