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When conflict arises, many times, a compromise can be struck when the parties sit down and work out the "kinks".  Mediation allows individuals to have more control over the process of solving their own conflicts.  Not only would the parties to mediation have more control but mediation is a fast, cost-effective way to resolve most issues. Mediation is a risk-free alternative to litigation.  It's risk-free because litigation will remain your option at any time before, during or after the mediation if an agreement isn't met during mediation. Trina Nycol Brown, has the intrinsic ability to be neutral.  Together with over two decades in the legal field and her academic background and practical experiences, she is skilled in the art of mediating conflict.  She utilizes active listening skills and emotional intelligence to correctly understand underlying emotions while grasping the facts as well as areas of controversy. 

If you'd like Trina to join your mediation panel or roster, contact her at (817) 516-3592.