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I’d like to participate in bioethics research.  The goal of my research is to discover the ways in which practical experiences and academic orientations arrive at substantive conclusions within field.

Trina Nycol Brown's Research Philosophy

Research Experience

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Research Assistant to the Dean of Online Programs

‣ Ability to successfully research sociological topics for inclusion within publications.

‣ Ability to provide input on innovative applied sociological research findings.

‣ Ability to provide editorial support services for articles and publications.

‣ Ability to research associations and organizations to identify strategic initiatives.


Brown, T.N., (2016). How to Become a High-Potential Paralegal, The American Association for Paralegal Educators. (Spring/Summer), 43-44

Brown, T.N. (2013). An ethical framework for paralegals. Cowtown Paralegal Reporter, 31.3(May/June), 16-17.

Brown, T.N. (2013). The ten commandments of ethical responsibility. Cowtown Paralegal Reporter, 31.2(March/April), 13-14.

Book Contributions

Brown, T.N., (Eds.). (2016). Paralegal Ethics Handbook, Vol. 10, New York:Thomson-West.

Brown, T.N., (Eds.). (2015). Paralegal Ethics Handbook, Vol. 9, New York:Thomson-West.